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At Ocean Catholics, we are dedicated to the catholic faith and want to encourage eveyone to recite the Rosary and novenas. To that end we offer a wide variety of rosary CDs, Novenas on CD, Novena books, Novena Prayers To Saint Jude, Novena Prayers For Cancer Patients, Novena Prayers To The Infant Of Prague, Catholic Rosary Novenas, Novena Prayers to Saint Michael, Novena Prayers To Saint Christopher, and many other catholic products.

Why Should You Pray The Rosary?

Numerous scientific studies indicate that prayer can have significant beneficial effects on your health and well being. But unfortunately, many people say that they just don't have time to pray. What a pity. In response to that, we've developed several beautiful rosary CD's.

These great rosary CD's and novena CD's are perfect to use in your car's CD player while you are traveling. It's also a great way to say the rosary on your way to and from work while commuting. Our rosary and novena CD's are also great in your portable CD player while jogging or exercising, or in the comfort of your home. It's also great for family prayer sessions or to teach your children and grandchildren how to say the rosary.

The Bible Tells Us...
"...prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well..." James 5:15
"Pray for each other so that you may be healed." James 5:16
"Prayer produces prosperity." Jeremiah 29:7
"Prayer provides wisdom." James 1:4
"Prayer yields peace." Phil 4:6-7

The calming tones of the rosary leader and the melodious response of the group is very soothing and therapeutic. None of our rosary CD's or Novena CD's contain any distracting music, so you can pray along and focus on the mysteries of the rosary or your specific intentions. They're ideal for use in the car when commuting to work, traveling, exercising, or at home. It's also a great teaching aid when your children (or grandchildren) are learning how to pray the rosary.

Millions Worldwide Pray Everyday - Join them with one of our beautiful Rosary CD's below.

The Catholic Rosary - Pray the Rosary CD - A great way to pray the Rosary every day. It is ideal for family prayer or when traveling in your car. This CD contains no distracting music. This is our flag ship product and is one the best selling rosary CD's on Amazon. Millions Worldwide Pray the Rosary Everyday - Join them with this beautiful Rosary CD.
The Catholic Rosary - Pray the Rosary CD

Saint Jude Novena Rosary CD - This Beautiful Saint Jude Novena Prayer CD includes St Jude Novenas for Healing, Employment, Relationship Problems, Addiction, Financial Help, and More. With this CD, you will learn... What is a Novena, How To Pray an 18 Day Novena, Numerous Novena Prayers, Prayers of Intention, and how to say a Prayer of Thanksgiving.
Saint Jude Novena Rosary On CD

Catholic Rosary Novena CD - This CD is a great way to pray a Novena every day. At the beginning of each mystery, you are prompted to state your intention or give thanks for that day's novena.
Catholic Rosary Novena CD

Traditionally, the month of October is "rosary month" in the Catholic Church. During this month, the faithful are encouraged to pray the rosary as often as possible. Use the links above to purchase your copies of these beautiful rosary CD's and listen to the rosary in your car, while traveling, or for your devotions at home.

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